Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gulf Shores--at 22 weeks!

This week we went on a rockin' trip to Gulf Shores. We went with two other families who are close friends of ours. Of course, we had a blast, but with my prego skin being slightly more sensitive in the sun, i did accidentally overdo it one day and got a pretty burned. Thankfully now all is well and it's turned to tan now :) Here are a few pics from the trip.

view from our back door. one morning i woke up to spend a little quiet time out on the balcony. look at the beautiful rainbow that was greeting me.

Scott's first cup of coffee--that he liked! This is a HUGE step, considering he's never liked coffee nor would he ever really try it again after the one time he did try it plain and almost gagged. I guess french vanilla creamer did the trick. I think he's hooked now!

Here i am getting some baby experience :)
This is Tucker Froehlich, son of our friends Jen and Chris. He is SUCH a good baby--seriously! It kind of spoiled us, considering he's only six weeks old and was a trooper the whole time! He's definitely made for the beach because he literally chillaxed the whole time! He even wanted to feel the kicking that was going on by his soon to be best friend!

One morning we had breakfast, praise and worship on the beach. We aimed to be down there closer to sunrise, but with nine people, it was more like 9am :) It was still so awesome!

The boys being weird.....

Ah, that's more like it! So handsome! (Chris and Robbie too, of course)

And here we are before and at dinner one night-- in all our sunburned glory!

TCBY after dinner one night--a Croxall family tradition! This is Jen F., Jen C, Anna and Chris.

Now this is one rockin' tent :) They were our neighbors on the beach one day....and obviously true Hog fans!

There are lots more pics, but the majority of the great ones are on the other girls' cameras. But, we had a wonderful time and it was a great place to ring in my 22nd week! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Go Dee, it's your birthday!

Last night we celebrated Dee's 54th b-day! There was no way we could get that many candles on the cake, so Scott decided it would be more suited to say "RIP" :) HA. We had so much fun--we even lasted until 10:30 (well, scott and i did, but mom had had her two beer cut off, and you know what that does to her)! Anyway, we made flat enchiladas, one of mom's favorites, and topped it off with cake and corona--and not necessarily in that order.
Then, because mom felt so cute in her new saucy little dress, we had a little modeling show and looked just about as horrible as you would think we would look when trying to model. Such posers. ha. I've got to give it to Dee, though, she busted out some moves that unfortunately weren't caught on camera :)

Okay, and here was one of us as real "posers" :)

Happy Birthday Dee--we love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and i forgot to add some pics of me and baby--sorry to steal your lime light, dee :) i forgot to do a 21 week post, so here i am at 21 weeks, and i took a picture of my most recent ultrasound, since i haven't had it scanned in digitally yet. Love to all.