Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day-and a BIG milestone!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Silas had a few firsts today. For one, it was his first Valentine's Day. Dee gave him his first Baby Einstein video (which is really helpful right now for those breathing treatments and i don't want him watching normal tv) and Nana/Pops sent him a valentine too with a new outfit, teddy bear and books! Silas wasn't only getting valentines, he was also giving them! When he went down for his first nap this morning he had put a sweet little valentine for me in his that i would get it as i was laying him down. I'm sure his dad had a little something to do with it too ;)

Also, Silas had a HUGE first today! He ate his first "solid" food! We tried rice cereal today and he took to it just fine. He only spit it out a little, but for the most part totally swallowed it and ate the whole bowl that i made for him. It made for some good comedy just watching the looks on his face, along with the mess that was made, but we are hoping this will not only give him good will help him to sleep better!!!! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Four Months Old!

Sunday Silas turned FOUR months old! Can't believe it. During those first few weeks i remember thinking that time could not go fast enough, but now i'm really shocked at how quickly time is flying. He's had more you'll see from the last post, he had his first laugh, and he's also constantly eating his hands (and anything he grabs a hold of)! Also, and this one just kills me....he has found a new toy. And this toy just happens to be between his legs! It all started one day last week when i was changing his diaper and his left hand found its way down there and just grabbed a hand full! Now, EVERY time we change his diaper, take a bath, anything that requires nakedness, he immediately puts that left hand down there and starts playing and he smiles like it's the greatest thing ever. I mean, seriously? FOUR months old and it's already starting?!?!? HEAVENS!

oh, and at his four month checkup on Monday, he weighed in at a whopping 14lb, 14oz, and is almost 28 inches long now! He's off the charts in length (hope he's a ball player!!!) and right about average in weight. Poor thing bled from the shots...never heard of that happening before, but it did. Now if we could just kick this bronchial stuff, and get him sleeping through the night (or at least seven hours), we'll be all good!

Okay, here are pics....

Look, Parker and Will! I have a Colorado Buffalo on my shirt!

we took a few of them outside on the porch b/c it was 7o degrees! Here Silas is in his rocking chair....that we have yet to paint and finish.

Mommy's pretty funny!

Hi, I'm cute...and I look just like my dad!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silas' first laugh!

Last night while Scott was giving Silas his bath, Scott had him completely cracking up. This was the first REAL laugh he's had....he's had a giggle here and there and a "cooey" smile, but this was for real. I was in the kitchen, and by the time i actually realized it was him laughing, i grabbed the camera as fast as i could to catch what i could of it. THese are definitely cute laughs, but i was a little late in getting there, so they're not quite as deep laugs as he was bellying out. Either way, i'm just so glad i could get a little bit of it, and now i will always know the day Silas had his first REAL laugh!