Monday, May 18, 2009

Seven months--and Colorado visit!

Okay, so it's been a little while since our last post. There really isn't much to catch you up on other than Silas is now officially sitting up (though he will tump over from time to time) and also rolling over....FINALLY!!! YEAH!!! He can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy....but not all at once. Also, at night some times he'll roll from his back to his tummy and end up waking up b/c he's uncomfortable and rather than just rolling himself back over, he calls out for me to come do it for him. :) Also, we had an awesome trip to Colorado to see Amanda and the boys. We had a blast....the flight there was a little harrowing (Silas was getting over a virus and his ears were bothering, combine that with the airplane pressure, being exhausted, and just overall was not that fun). But, oh so worth it because we got to stay for a week and a half! First, Aunt Mana had a fun surprise waiting for us at the house. New summer outifts for Silas (sooo can see one of them in the first pic above) and she even had a personalized Colorado mini-license plate made for him with his name on it! Soooo cool!
We also got to do sooo much....from walking Parker to school every day, to a Sunday afternoon hike, to Cinco de Mayo festivities, to turning seven months old, to playing "Guess Who" with Parker and Will, to building forts (oh, wait, we only did that once) :) to just plain ole Boulder fun (for just me and Mana.....oh, and Silas too). The only down side of it is that we missed daddy terribly! I wasn't able to post all the pics from the week, but i added a few of my favorites below. BUT, if you go to my facebook page, i posted lots more there. Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silas' first Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter! We had a fun day celebrating Jesus and enjoying the gorgeous day! Scott and I (well, more me since Scott thought it was silly....what does he know :)) conducted Silas' first Easter egg "hunt" in the backyard. Scott was sweet to go "hide" them for us, so we could go and "find" them (like all the quote marks? :)).

Anyway, here are a few pics we took....even though he didn't care too much about it, he sure looked stinkin' cute doing it (Silas did too....ahahahahahaha, i crack myself up)! Oh, and even though the picture above may deceive you, Silas isn't quite sitting up all by himself....but we can get him to for a few seconds at a time!

Yeah, he loves to stand up now...if i try to sit him down, he just props his feet and straightens his legs until i let him stand.

okay, i'm looking a little out of it, but silas had a cute little smile going on and considering we have to work for one of those when the camera is on, we'll take what we can get!

Our "hunt"

more "hunt"ing....

I just love this's so cute to watch silas just stare at his daddy....he loves him so much!

Our attempt at a family pic with the timer....still working to get that great Silas smile in one of these! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Half a year old!!

Today Silas turned six months old!!! My, where have those first six months gone? I know that pretty soon it will be six YEARS down the road and i'll think the same thing. Time is flying by! I am just loving watching my little man grow...what a blessing to be able to be at home with him! I am also growing so much closer to the Lord through this because I now can understand how much He loves us, His children. The love is so infinite and deep and can be so easily understood when you have a child of your own.

His six month checkup was also today and it went great. He weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs (well, 18lb., 15oz. to be exact :)) and is a staggering 29 inches long! We have a big boy on our hands! So big in fact that the pediatrician said that he's now probably too big for his infant carrier which means we're going to have to invest in a convertible car seat (Jess, I'll be calling you b/c you are the car seat information GURU!!!). Developmentally he is good too....even though he is STILL not rolling over. We are working on it, but he's just stubborn. Doc said it's nothing to worry about now, but he needs to be at least rolling from his tummy to his back before too long. He is sitting up pretty good too (that is, when you put a toy in front of him and pillows around him)! :)

I tried to get a pic of him smiling for his official six month pic, but as you can see from the pic below.....the photo shoot was cut short after just a couple of snaps of the camera!

This is him after I was working to get the gross cradle cap out of his hair with some stuff made especially for it. Well, as you can tell, it's totally greasy so i decided to do some hair stylin' (what can i say...i grew up with sisters!). The comb-over do was my favorite :)

And his too :) Ain't he a stud?

Monday, April 6, 2009

A day at the park

The little man is sleeping, so i thought i'd do a little blogging. :) Yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful Spring day so we met up with some friends at a park and had a little picnic. It was sooo fun and it was Silas' first time in a swing (and on other playground toys)! I knew he would love the swing, since he loves his jump-up so much and i swing him in it all the time. He was so content to just chillax in it and could have stayed in it all day. He would just watch the other kids, cock his head back, rest his arm.....and call it a day.

Here is Silas with his friend Tucker. Tucker is obviously loving it too!

What did i say about just chillaxin? :)

He also got on the bouncy horse....not really old enough to get the full effect.

Here are the boys on the slide....Tucker is ready to go! Silas is saying....wait, hold on a minute, Tucker, i'm not too sure about this.

Yeah....I'm outta here.....i'll do this when I'm older!

And now the teeter-totter....Silas still isn't too sure.
Here's a CUTE video of him swinging!!
Proud daddy and his boy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blame it on "mom" brain??

April Fool's! And you thought I was done with my last post! hahahahha! Well, actually there was one thing i left out yesterday...HOW on earth could i EVER forget to put this in the last post???? I'm not even pregnant any more, but this slip of the mind sure sends me back to when i was....and forgetting everything (is there such a thing as "mom" brain, because that is my excuse). GEESH!!! Completely shameful is what this is.

This month also marked the FOURTH year of my wonderful marriage to my best friend and love of my life. March 20, 2005 was my most special day (apart from Oct. 8, 2008 :)). I've paid tribute and homage on this blog to my sweet husband, but not at all the kind of blog love he deserves! ;) So...this post is dedicated to you, Scott.....the most wonderful man in the world. So funny, kind, humble, funny, loving, AWESOME dad, gentle, funny, honest, giving, hard-working, funny, oh, and did i mention funny? Seriously. He always has me laughing with the quick, witty quips he comes up with. I love it!

This year we got to do something REALLY special, especially in light of the season we are in with having an infant. We went to a great dinner and THENNNNNN.....spent the night in a historic downtown hotel here in Chattie while Dee stayed home with Silas (and yes, even got up in the middle of the night with him). What an AWESOME blessing for her to do that for us. Mom, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! It was also a blessing b/c we both got a full night's sleep! It was so wonderful.....and an awesome way to celebrate our marriage. God is soooo good and I thank Him EVERY day that He picked us out for each other even before we were ever a twinkle in our moms' eyes. Happy Anniversary, love. You are the everything (except for folding clothes....but luckily that's not a dealbreaker)! Good Groceries!
For He knows the plans He has for us.....plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy month!

March has been a busy month! From a trip to Arkansas, to playdates, to spring cleaning the house (both inside and out), to a visit from Nana and's been one fun-filled month! And, since pictures are the best storytellers, here ya go!

One morning we had a playdate with our friends Jennifer and Tucker and our African refugee friends too! Here's Silas with Rosemary....just enthralled at all the toys and balloons that lay before him!

Jenn had TONS of balloons (72 to be exact) that were blown up and all over the floor for the kids to play with.

Here are Jen and may remember them from the pics of our Gulf Shores trip ( back in June and how little Tucker was then....look how big he is now!!

Another date was with our friends Abram and Lucas (Lucas was born in January). Here is Abram just loving on sweet! Silas was obviously excited....since his feet and toes are all extended!

Here is how Silas wanted to help me with some of the housecleaning inside (Mommy, is this how you fold laundry???)

Ah, he melts me.....

And this is how he helps me outside....he would just hang out in his high chair playing with his toys....such a good little boy!

We had another play date with Silas's friend Avery and my friend Whitney. Whitney and i worked together at True North and were pregnant at the same time....due only nine days apart! Even though Avery came a bit earlier than Silas, there was never any competition (yeah right, we laid them down like this...and here is the conversation that ensued).
Avery and Silas: Hi, aren't we cute?

Avery: hey, wait a minute, you are getting ahead of me
Silas: Hi, aren't I still cute?

Avery: HA, take that! You'll never get ahead of me!!!
Silas: um, what is going on....and why is this kid biting me?

Avery: who, me?? I would never do such a thing....but now i'm closer :)
Silas: Seriously, there was something just biting my arm...why does nobody believe me?

Nana and Pops came to visit for a week and Silas loved every minute of it. Pops is a big gentle pillow and Silas just drifted off to sleep....very sweet.

Silas eating his lunch....

Nana giving it to him.....

Silas also has a new favorite toy....his jump up. He could seriously stay in it all day if i would let him and he will jump himself to sleep....literally! Check it out!
After all of the fun excitement of the month, Silas is just pooped! Here he is completely conked out.....with daddy right next to him. So sweet!!!