Thursday, August 21, 2008

Showered with love

Last weekend i was completely humbled and tremendously showered with love like i haven't been before...especially at one an incredibly beautiful and elegant baby shower to celebrate the soon arrival of little Silas. From gorgeous decorations, to delicious food, to the fellowship of close friends and most especially, the ability to share it with family. My sister, Annie, left her vacation from Gulf Shores to be able to make it (and she lives in St. Louis!) and Scott's mom came in all the way from Arkansas, so both of them being able to be there made the day so much more special. It was not quite complete, since my other sisters could not be there, but they were there in spirit! It's really hard to put into words how wonderful this celebration was, so i'll just try and illustrate below with some pics taken.

Showered with DELICIOUS food!

Showered with the love of my sweet family (from left: my mother-in-law Peggy; my mom; me; and my sister, Annie).

Mom and Annie with me (and Silas in the middle-though you can't miss that big belly :)).

Showered with love by such dear friends. Here are three of the four hostesses (from left: Jennifer Froehlich, me, Jennifer Croxall, and Jenni Miles. Allison Haupert is not pictured).

Showered with blessings beyond belief! Jen had set out a jar for ladies at the shower to write notes of encouragement, advice, or just whatever God laid on their heart to write to us as we near this journey of parenthood!

Showered with party favors! Not only one favor, but TWO for each lady who attended. One was a candy bar with an adorable little wrapper on it that matched the invitation AND the whole color theme of the shower, and the other was a handmade soap, compliments of Good Fortune Soap, created by my good friend Jennifer Jack (sorry, have to plug here because this stuff is awesome...check out for all kinds of deliciously scentuous soaps, lotions, oils, sprays, etc.) :)

And, yes, showered with gifts. This is a VERY COOL baby wrap that my sisters gave me, but as you can see, i need a little practice before i try and place my newborn in it! :)

A HUGE thank you, gracias, danke, graci, merci, mutsumesc, asante, any way i can think of to say everyone who made this day so special for me. I truly can't put into words how wonderful that day was....which is probably why it took me a while to post about it :) I do seriously think that the two Jennifers should go into business planning things together....they have such great ideas and incredible taste!!

BTW....those will count as my 32 week pic (though it was not officially the date i turned over to 32 weeks, but it was the day before, so close enough) :) And, here i was at 31 weeks (sorry, a little late in the posting!)
Be back soon with a 33 week pic.....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

30 weeks!

Check it out--i'm getting bigger by the minute.....and so is big boy Silas! We are now at 30 weeks and only 10 more (Lord willing) to go! This pic was taken after our Monday night Amigo fitty cent taco night (well, now they've increased to 75 cents...stupid inflation, but it's fun to say fitty). So, you can see i had more than a couple of tacos, because that sucker looks huge! :) I also have changed the photo-taking venue to the nursery....rather than the previous brown wall. Since we're closer to having it finished, and closer to having Silas here, why not?

We've had a good week, though i did have a little bit of a "scare" late last week. I had some tremendous pain in between two of my teeth on Wednesday and i was soooo fearful it was an abcess. The fear got the better of my sound thinking because i started thinking that i hadn't felt Silas move, which really got my freak out mode in high gear. I had an OB appointment the next morning, so i told my doctor all about it and though we didn't have a scheduled ultrasound, she whipped the machine out anyway to calm both of our nerves. She turned it on, slapped the deal on my belly and then there he was on screen--just perfect. Between the overwhelming sense of assuredness and just seeing him moving on screen (with cute little hiccups), not to mention i'm a hormonal pregnant woman, I started crying just looking at him...and i couldn't stop! What a sap I am! But, everything was good....he is so big (I hadn't seen him on screen since i was 19 weeks!), my glucose test was “perfect” his heartbeat is “perfect” and his amniotic fluid is “beautiful” (their words, not mine, which is why I probably choked just feels so good to hear them say things like that about this sweet baby) :)

oh, and the tooth--not an abscess! Praise the Lord! I went to the dentist the very next morning and it was just that a filling had fallen out and i'll need to get it fixed (via a ROOT CANAL!!!). I'll probably have that done before the baby is born, because who wants tooth pain AND labor pain together? Not this girl.