Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott!!!!

32 years ago today was a day that will live in enfamy. Just kidding. But, 32 years ago today a truly incredible thing happened--the one who i would have the privilege to call husband and, Silas will get to call papa, came into this world. What a truly special day.

I realize that while keeping this blog, i haven't given Scott any "blog love" hardly at all! Well, today, it is dedicated to just him! He has been the rock i needed for all things through this pregnancy. He is going to be an amazing dad!!! By making dinner, doing house stuff, talking sweetly to my belly, and just working so hard to provide for our family. He takes such good care of me and encourages me so much every day--blesses me so much, he'll never know. Did i say he is going to be THE BEST dad??? Below are the words to a song that i used to sing before i even ever met scott and used to say....this is my future husband. Well, it only BEGINS to describes him....and and his wonderful self.

When we first met, he pulled me into his tender care.
and every need i have, he's always well aware.
He opens doors and says I'm beautiful, and kisses me on the cheek.

He makes up for the other areas in my life where i am weak.

When he smiles at strangers, he always draws them near
he stands up for truth even when noone wants to listen
we're so different it's amazing to me it's amazing to me how we both ended up on the same path

and the best is ANY time, anywhere, we can make e
ach other laugh!

And even though it hurts his pride when he stumbles,

I'll grow in my faith as i watch him humble
and all these things they make me look above

Because i see in him a reflection of C
hrist's unfailing love!

God, i trusted You, when You said, "wait for Me, I'm preparing the one who fits you perfectly" And when i look at him, i want to know You more
at's how i know that he's the one You made me for.

Here's a short tribute to our life together so far and some fun memories we've shared. I can't wait for what this next season of life has in store for us.

My love, thank you for being THE most wonderful man in the world and for giving me the honor of being your bride. You are going to be an amazing daddy! When i look at you, i want to know God more...that's how i know you're the one He made me for.

Where you go, I will go and where you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God, my God. Ruth 1:16

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Do!

I got a new do! I have been growing my hair out for a while now with a desire to one day cut it off and donate it for the making of wigs for cancer patients (primarily women and children) who have lost their hair due to chemo. My Aunt Vicky has been battling esophageal cancer, and fighting a good fight. I've always remembered my Aunt Vicky for her gentle voice, strong personality, and long, beautiful black hair. When she went through her first chemo a couple of years ago, she lost all that long, luscious hair, which was what originally spurred me on to grow mine and donate it. Well, that day has come. I was able to cut/donate 10 whole inches--it felt so great! Not only because i got to give back, but it also gets me even that much more ready for Silas to be here, in that i don't have to worry about working with a head full of way-too-long hair. It's shorter and easier to deal with. YEAH! Plus, i get a cute, new hairdo!
Here's a progression of long to short.

Here i am in the chair....Monica, my wonderful hairdresser, had a great idea to take different pony tails of the longer hair in the back so they could get more use out of the hair (rather than lopping it all off in one fell swoop--in one pony tail).

And, here i am holding the ponytails....

And here i am with the hairdresser extraordinnaire cut and style.

Silas liked it a lot too.....he was bouncing around just so excited! Here i was trying to calm him down :)

Another before and after shot.....

OH, and i never did a 34 week post, so here is my "official" 34 week pic, which was also the morning before the "new do." This week, he measures about 17 inches, almost as long as an American Girl Doll (!) and weighs almost 5 pounds, like your average cantaloupe. Well, this is at least what everything online says....since i haven't had a full ultrasound in a while, he could be smaller.....or BIGGER (yikes!) :)

Oh yeah, and I never did a 33 week post either--good grief, i have got to get a better hold on doing this posting thing! :) Here I was at 33 weeks--I changed up the background for this shot to show you the paper lanterns that are hanging above the dresser. It will be fun for Silas b/c he'll have something cool to be looking at (beside's his mom, dad, or Dee's face) while he's being changed :) I guess i need to get a changing pad, eh?

Now we just count down these last six weeks....well, five and a half now :)