Wednesday, July 30, 2008

29 weeks!

Here we are at 29 weeks! Silas is getting so big and quickly running out of room to move. His movements are more "rolly" than "kicky" if that makes any sense. I was trying to explain it to mom last night and those were the best descriptors i could come up with. Sure, there are still some hard kicks/punches from time to time, but it's become much more "rolly" and at times i totally see a body part sticking out, like an elbow, or his bum, or something. So cute! I am feeling good too--a few aches and pains here and there, but for the most part, just trucking along.

I haven't had an ultrasound in a while (and probably won't until about 32 weeks), but all the books say he is a tad over 15 inches head to heel, weighing over 2 1/2 pounds and growing rapidly. Most growth from here will be his weight, but if he's anythign like his dad, he'll come in at 22.5 inches long and just under 8 pounds--STRING BEAN! We'll see....i can't wait!! Only a little over two months to go!

oh, and we've gotten a lot more work done in the nursery. I finished the bubbles on the wall--and now only have to paint the dresser/night stand and we'll be pretty much through with the big stuff. After that, it's just accessorizing.....oh wait, i still need a chair. Well--that will come with time too :) Here is a pic of the finished "bubble wall" and the bedding to show where i got the pattern. The lighting on the wall makes some of the colors look off, but they all pretty much exactly match the colors in the bedding (except the lime green turned out looking really yellow on the wall--oh well!)

I'll be back soon with another update!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And we're back!

Okay, so yes, it has been over a month since my last post. Not sure i have a real good excuse so i guess all i can do is apologize (not that this blog is in high demand or anything). So last time i posted, i turned to 22 i'm 28 weeks and officially in my third and FINAL trimester! It's all down hill (or uphill, depending on how you look at it) from here! I can't believe our sweet baby boy will be in my arms in less than three months! And my how that time will fly!

I will try and keep a better handle on updating this thing because though it may not be read by the thousands, it is fun for me to go back and look through old posts and see where we've come in the last few months. In the mean time, though, here is a quick recap of the last six weeks.

The MOST exciting thing that has happened is that sweet baby Kaiya came into the world!!! She was born June 27 weighing in at just over 8 pounds and was a long one, just like her momma :) She is absolutely beautiful and Lainey, and we can NOT wait to meet her. Silas is pretty stoked about having another girl cousin (i know because he told me :)). WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Kaiya Ann Shuler

Here is Mommy (Alaina) with baby Kaiya
Big sister Josie with tender and sweet :)

SILAS' ROOM! (in progress).....
We've been working to get the baby room ready to go. We ordered the crib, which arrived this past weekend, and we started the painting and have it almost finished! Here i am as we started on the painting journey....and it just so happens it's a 28 week pic! :) Notice the overalls are NOT maternity, so all buttons are unbuttoned and the straps are as low as they possibly can go! These are my only painting pants, so it's good that we are doing this now because as you can tell, i don't have much longer i could even TRY to wear these!

So excited!!

Here is the crib with the bedding in it (well, without the mattress, etc.). How cute is this bedding--Amanda found it at a garage sale for SUPER cheap and is in pristine condition. Apparently an interior designer custom made this, so not only is it cute, it's one of a kind!

I decided to do all green and blue, with black furniture. Three walls in the room will be a light lime green and then one wall is blue. On the blue wall, i'm going to paint bubbles like the bubbles in the bedskirt (see above). Once i get the room closer to done, with all furniture, lighting, etc. in there, i'll put up more pics.


Here is my belly at 26 weeks (had to get some awesome scenery behind it :))

Freakishly white....nice.....

Look at this majestic creation....even though pictures DO NOT do it justice. I felt like i could reach out and touch the mountain tops. It was breathtaking! Makes me want to sing praise songs!

My girl

Parker and me; and also one with Will....making silly faces :)

This is Amanda, me, Will and Parker during one of our short hikes we took. Can you believe this is the view behind their house?!! I LOVED my time with them all (including Chris, though i don't seem to have any pictures of him!)....they made me feel so special and even pampered me with foot baths and belly rubs :) Guys thank you so much for making it such a special trip. Next time i see you, Silas will be here!!

24 weeks!!!!
....this was about the time i started feeling less comfortable showing how chubby my face has gotten. But, the belly sure is cute!

Scott's first Father's Day.
Here we are at 23 weeks!

Okay, that was a super quick recap of what's been going on over the last several weeks. I'm going to try and do MUCH better at keeping this updated--at least weekly. Thankfully i am still feeling good, and Silas is doing great! He moves all the time....kicking, punching, twirling (pretty much getting ready to be able to play kung fu fighting with his cousins Parker and Will--which if you haven't, you should check out their blog because it is hilarious to watch them kung fu kick!!) He is about 2 1/2 pounds now and is about 14 inches long! I only have 12 weeks to go! October will be here before we know it!