Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My growing boy

I just had to post these videos and pics to show how my big my little boy is getting. If any of you are on Facebook, you've seen some of these pics already, but i just had to post them here too. I am just so blessed by this little man every single day, and, if possible, love him more and more each day. He's starting to bat at and really play with his fishie toy he got from nana/pops for Christmas, which he used to just sit under and look at. Also, he is holding things (like "spots" his doggie that he loves to play with as you'll see in the video). Even though i am STRUGGLING through this no sleep period, i will look back one day and really miss him being this age. SO, i'm holding onto it while i can, because it will fly by before i know it!
Enjoy! I sure am!
Look at this precious face! He looks like such a big boy here! Gotta give Kudos to Scott for taking this one!
Here he is in a fabulous hand me down from cousin Parker. How big does he look with this hat on? So cute!

He LOVES his fishie toy. Thank you Nana and Pops!

This is his favorite stuffed toy right now (well, it's the one he plays with most, not sure if he's old enough to show "favorites", but he does just stare at it and plays really well with it!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Playing catch up!

"official" three month pic....taken on Jan. 8
Happy New Year! I haven't posted in a while so i'll post a quick catch up, though so much has happened. First, Silas is now THREE months old! He's getting so much bigger and smarter and again, if possible....cuter! He's so strong, he officially holds his head up and is rolling from side to side (not all the way over, i know that will come with time, but when he lays on his back, he'll roll over to one side). He talks so much more, and laughs, and smiles all the time. He is a wonderfully happy baby. The only issue we are having right now, though, is SLEEP! He doesn't like to do it. He just lays awake...sometimes all day....and IF he takes naps, they are just 20-30 minute catnaps. It's a bit frustrating, but we are working on it.

We also had a great holiday season. Silas' first Christmas was so fun (more for us than for him, probably, but still fun :)). He took his first road trip! We went to Arkansas for the week. The first part we spent with Aunt Jess/Uncle Tony and cousin Gage, and Nana/Pops too! Then the rest of the week we spent in the Christmas cabin with all of my family (all sisters, husbands and ALL the cousins). Such a sweet time, and i just LOVED every bit of it. Silas did great on the traveling there and back....slept the whole time! He didn't sleep so well while we were not moving in a car.....but again, we are working on it! :)

Silas also had his first bout with sickness. And boy was it a rough bout. But he fought hard and eventually prevailed. He was sick with bronchiolitis for about three weeks. It's similar to RSV, in that he had difficutly breathing, a terrible cough, and really bad congestion (nasal was the worst b/c babies his age don't know how to breath through their mouths, so we had to constantly keep suctioning it out) It was so awful....we even ended up in the children's hospital here for one night. His oxygen had gotten pretty low b/c he couldn't breathe well and the only medicine that was working for him was something that would need to be clinically administered (we couldn't do it at home). was a long and tiring battle, but he is all better now, praise the LORD!
now, on to my next bit of news....i am now officially a SAHM (stay at home mom)! I went back to work for one week and couldn't bear it. It was so hard to leave Silas in daycare for the day and be separated from him from 7:30 in the morning until AT LEAST 6:00 at night (and that would be if i got off work ON TIME and didn't hit bad traffic on my commute home). SOOOOO after much thought and serious prayer, we decided it would be best for me to leave my career and pursue full-time mommyhood. What a blessing, since silas ended up VERY sick the week i resigned, and with this sleep issue we're having, i was able to care for him while he was sick and now i can really work with him to "sleep train" along with being with him every day as he grows! WOW.

okay, enough are pics

OKay, okay.....this one was too cute not to add too as the other "official" three month pic

yeah, okay, he's just too i had to add this one too. not "ON" his three month bday, but he's still three months :)

here's silas with granddad (the oldest living Dale namesake)

All the Fincher men. Daddy, silas, granddad, Jimmy Dale, Gage, and uncle Tony

The Dales :) Dale Scott, Silas Dale, Dale, and Jimmy Dale Fincher

Nana and Pops and their grandbabies

Off to the Christmas cabin. HEre are Lainey and i with hooter hiders in tow feeding silas and kaiya. Notice the the Kaiya Claw arising from beneath! :)

Dee with three of her grandbabies (the other two are hiding under the hooter hiders)

The girls....with Kaiya and Silas

Here's Parker with Silas. He was so wonderful with the babies. Always wanting to hold them and help out. He is such a good big cousin!

And here are all the cousins together! Will, Silas, Parker, Josie, and Kaiya.