Monday, April 6, 2009

A day at the park

The little man is sleeping, so i thought i'd do a little blogging. :) Yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful Spring day so we met up with some friends at a park and had a little picnic. It was sooo fun and it was Silas' first time in a swing (and on other playground toys)! I knew he would love the swing, since he loves his jump-up so much and i swing him in it all the time. He was so content to just chillax in it and could have stayed in it all day. He would just watch the other kids, cock his head back, rest his arm.....and call it a day.

Here is Silas with his friend Tucker. Tucker is obviously loving it too!

What did i say about just chillaxin? :)

He also got on the bouncy horse....not really old enough to get the full effect.

Here are the boys on the slide....Tucker is ready to go! Silas is saying....wait, hold on a minute, Tucker, i'm not too sure about this.

Yeah....I'm outta here.....i'll do this when I'm older!

And now the teeter-totter....Silas still isn't too sure.
Here's a CUTE video of him swinging!!
Proud daddy and his boy!


The Sara and Ray Show said...

Alison he is getting so big and cute!

allie said...

thanks, sara! how are you guys? when is the big day? :)

Leah said...

Cute, CuTe, CUTE!!!! He is looking a little like you now,, mostly like Daddy,, but I can see you too:-)