Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silas' first Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter! We had a fun day celebrating Jesus and enjoying the gorgeous day! Scott and I (well, more me since Scott thought it was silly....what does he know :)) conducted Silas' first Easter egg "hunt" in the backyard. Scott was sweet to go "hide" them for us, so we could go and "find" them (like all the quote marks? :)).

Anyway, here are a few pics we took....even though he didn't care too much about it, he sure looked stinkin' cute doing it (Silas did too....ahahahahahaha, i crack myself up)! Oh, and even though the picture above may deceive you, Silas isn't quite sitting up all by himself....but we can get him to for a few seconds at a time!

Yeah, he loves to stand up now...if i try to sit him down, he just props his feet and straightens his legs until i let him stand.

okay, i'm looking a little out of it, but silas had a cute little smile going on and considering we have to work for one of those when the camera is on, we'll take what we can get!

Our "hunt"

more "hunt"ing....

I just love this pic....it's so cute to watch silas just stare at his daddy....he loves him so much!

Our attempt at a family pic with the timer....still working to get that great Silas smile in one of these! :)


Aramigan said...

Happy Easter and great pictures. I thought you looked great in the picture where you said you looked "out of it." Now I am using quotes.
Love you guys.

christy said...

i just found this link on your FB page. i loved catching up with you guys via words and photos ... it's been too long since we've seen each other! luke + i will be passing through chattanooga for a couple days the first week of june for a wedding. i really want to see you guys and meet little silas! so excited to see you are well. hugs—christy

Dave and Betty said...

You guys are so cute and Silas is getting bigger! It looks so green and sunny, we have been very cloudy and wet!
Love you all! Aunt Betty