Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy month!

March has been a busy month! From a trip to Arkansas, to playdates, to spring cleaning the house (both inside and out), to a visit from Nana and Pops....it's been one fun-filled month! And, since pictures are the best storytellers, here ya go!

One morning we had a playdate with our friends Jennifer and Tucker and our African refugee friends too! Here's Silas with Rosemary....just enthralled at all the toys and balloons that lay before him!

Jenn had TONS of balloons (72 to be exact) that were blown up and all over the floor for the kids to play with.

Here are Jen and Tucker....you may remember them from the pics of our Gulf Shores trip (http://thefincherfam.blogspot.com/2008/06/gulf-shores-at-22-weeks.html) back in June and how little Tucker was then....look how big he is now!!

Another date was with our friends Abram and Lucas (Lucas was born in January). Here is Abram just loving on Silas...so sweet! Silas was obviously excited....since his feet and toes are all extended!

Here is how Silas wanted to help me with some of the housecleaning inside (Mommy, is this how you fold laundry???)

Ah, he melts me.....

And this is how he helps me outside....he would just hang out in his high chair playing with his toys....such a good little boy!

We had another play date with Silas's friend Avery and my friend Whitney. Whitney and i worked together at True North and were pregnant at the same time....due only nine days apart! Even though Avery came a bit earlier than Silas, there was never any competition (yeah right, we laid them down like this...and here is the conversation that ensued).
Avery and Silas: Hi, aren't we cute?

Avery: hey, wait a minute, you are getting ahead of me
Silas: Hi, aren't I still cute?

Avery: HA, take that! You'll never get ahead of me!!!
Silas: um, what is going on....and why is this kid biting me?

Avery: who, me?? I would never do such a thing....but now i'm closer :)
Silas: Seriously, there was something just biting my arm...why does nobody believe me?

Nana and Pops came to visit for a week and Silas loved every minute of it. Pops is a big gentle pillow and Silas just drifted off to sleep....very sweet.

Silas eating his lunch....

Nana giving it to him.....

Silas also has a new favorite toy....his jump up. He could seriously stay in it all day if i would let him and he will jump himself to sleep....literally! Check it out!
After all of the fun excitement of the month, Silas is just pooped! Here he is completely conked out.....with daddy right next to him. So sweet!!!


Leah said...

Yay! New pics!! I love them!! I love his big, beautiful eyes!!! Give him hugs and kisses for me! Miss you!

Jessica said...

Great pics! He's getting so big. What sweet cheeks! Bite him for cousin Gage!